This page contains information for substitute teachers and visitors to the Hutterian Schools


Working within the unique cultural environment of a Hutterite colony provides both a challenging and professionally rewarding experience for all staff. The nine Hutterian communities in the Interlake School Division are committed to working with staff to ensure a successful school experience for all students. They are welcoming, hospitable communities that value the dedication and commitment our staff make to their children’s education.

The information found on this page is intended to offer school division substitutes, clinicians and visiting staff a general awareness of some of the cultural beliefs of Hutterite people, and an understanding of the structure of Hutterian schools. Details specific to each school can be found by clicking School Directory on our homepage. For further information about each school, please contact the school principals listed in the school descriptions, or the ISD Hutterian Schools Administrator.

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Hutterite Culture

School Structure

Religious Content and Cultural Awareness in English School

Dress Code

Religious Holidays and the School Year Calendar